Frequently asked questions

We get dozens of emails every week asking a range of questions, many of which are very similar. Before contacting us, do please have a look through and see if you can find the information you need here. If not, please feel free to get in touch on but remember that as we’re all volunteers, it may take a few days to get back to you.

I’ve found an injured bat/a bat out in the day: how do I get help?

Ring the BCT helpline on 0345 1300 228 and they will be able to give you immediate advice and put you in touch with a local carer. There is also advice on this page about containing the bat and seeking help.

I’m worried about new development happening near me and impacting on the bats that I see in the evenings. Can you help?

Sadly Devon Bat Group can’t get involved with planning queries. We all want the best for our bats, and to see them protected, but we get more than 5 queries a week and as a small team of volunteers, we just can’t get involved. There is however really useful advice about planning issues on the BCT website here, and it is worth checking that there has been an ecological survey if you think bats are present.

If you think a bat roost is being damaged or put at risk by building work, raise your concerns with the people involved as soon as possible so that work can stop pending a survey. You can also report a wildlife crime to the police on 101.

Damage, destruction and obstruction of roosts are criminal offences and a police matter. So is disturbance of bats.

If you know of a location where these are happening, you should:Contact your local police station. Explain that you think a wildlife crime has been or is being committed. Ensure you get a reference number and then let us know about the incident by emailing or by completing the incident form here.

I’m a student looking for a year’s placement as part of my course. Can I have a placement with you?

Sadly not: we’re all volunteers doing bat activities in our free time, so there isn’t any scope for having a full-time placement, even if one would be really interesting. Our activities mainly happen at evenings and weekends, so it wouldn’t be suitable.

I want to work for my bat licence: can I train with you? Would I have to join the group?

The best way to work towards your licence is to get lots of experience over the course of a couple of years, making sure that you keep a log and attend activities at different times of the year. This way you get to discover lots about bat ecology over the different seasons. If you join the group, you’ll get a regular newsletter with information on all upcoming meetings and events.

How do I join Devon Bat Group?

It costs a whole £7 a year and you can find out more information about concessions, special offers and join online on .

How do I renew my membership?

The membership year runs from January to December and subs for the year are due in January. Click here to renew your membership for this year

I have bats in my loft and need to do some work in it. How do I get someone to visit/give me advice about keeping the bats safe?

The best thing to do is contact BCT’s helpline and ask for a Volunteer Bat Roost Visit or explain the ssue so that they can direct you to further help. You can find out more on this page, or ring 0345 1300 228 during office hours. You can also email them on the page if you would rather contact them this way.