If you’re looking for more information about bats, have a look at these links.
Hibernating Lesser Horseshoe Photo credit: D.Wills
Hibernating Lesser Horseshoe
Photo credit: D.Wills

National and international bat conservation charities:

Bat Conservation Trust

Bats In Churches

Bats Without Borders

Bat Conservation International

Local bat groups:

Cornwall Bat Group

Dorset Bat Group

Somerset Bat Group

Wildlife Trust and records office:

Devon Wildlife Trust

Devon Biodiversity Records Office

Bats in Devon:

DWT species pages

Bat species information:

Bats resident in the UK

Vagrant bats and occasional visitors to the UK Bats of Britain (Bristol University website)

Bats of the world Natural England standing advice

Bat webcams:

Devon Greater Horseshoe Project webcam

Vincent Wildlife Trust webcam (Welsh lesser horseshoe roost)

Glynllifon webcam (Welsh lesser horseshoe roost)

Bat sightings and surveys:

Big Bat Map

BCT bat surveys

Volunteer Bat Roost Visitors

Devon Bat Projects:

Greater Horseshoe Project

Bat detectors:

BCT guide to bat detectors

Bat advice:

BCT advice about bats and European Bat Lyssavirus , a type of rabies virus

Bats and Breathable Roofing Membranes (BRMs)