Our aims

The aims of Devon Bat Group are to:

Bat box checking Photo credit: P.Gregory

Bat box checking
Photo credit: P.Gregory

  • Conserve and improve diverse habitats, including homes and gardens, to support bats and other wildlife
  • Protect bat roosts
  • Safeguard feeding areas and routes that bats use to reach them (e.g. hedges, trees, rivers and stream valleys)
  • Look after/rehabilitate grounded and injured bats with a network of bat ambulance drivers and carers
  • Encourage farmers, authorities, those in building or allied trades, surveyors, timber treatment firms and the public to contact Natural England or the Bat Conservation Trust for ‘bat friendly’ advice and procedures to help protect bats and to prevent criminal offences from being committed
  • To advise and educate people about bats and their requirements, in order to help alleviate fears and concerns whilst protecting bats and their roost sites
  • Erect and undertake monitoring of bat boxes. These make safe, temporary roosts for some species of bats at certain times of the year.

Devon Bat Group sell ready-made boxes or you can download a leaflet with plans to make your own.